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Desert in my life (Reflection)

Desert in my life (Reflection)

The desert is commonly understood meaning as a barren, hot, and there are no signs of life. But the desert can also be understood as a place away from the crowds, quiet, and a place to realize the limitations of human beings. Apart from being a quiet, effective media to realize the limitations of human beings, I also understand the desert as a place for us to lean towards grace and providence of God. Therefore in the desert, we have wide opportunity to relate a personal communication with God in serenity. If so, we can create “a wilderness” in the midst of the crowds and busy of the work. We can create a relationship with God in serenity just as we are busy carrying out the work.

The serenity in the closeness with God can happen in the midst of daily activities. However, we need to provide serenity in the wilderness of this world through a special, quiet time before and after the activity. Through the experience of serenity, we could read the word of God more depth and comprehensive. With this spirituality we cannot fall in activism. For the pattern of activism in the life of the church will be an enemy to love sacrifice. The activism is only an activity that not rooted by spirituality and the power of prayer. Therefore an activism is not an activity that transformed our life and spirituality. Only in serenity we could experience the transformation that guide by the Holy Spirit and His word.

Pdt. Yohanes Bambang Mulyono

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